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We successfully bridge the Digital skills gap for businesses looking to develop and implement solutions to embark on technology led transformation:

Data Science and Analytics

With an ever-connected world evolving and more customer/consumer data being produced there comes a natural progression in the technologies and skilled people that can gather, analyse, interpret and act on that data. The corporate world is more competitive than ever, and the difference between success, survival and failure can be the difference between who is better informed to make data-driven decisions. The Evolve Team has been sourcing and placing candidates into the Data Science ecosystem for years across multiple domains.

Robotic Process Automation

The Evolve Team have supported some of the fastest growing and most heavily invested RPA vendors across Europe and the USA, as well as FTSE 250 businesses starting their journey and building an RPA Centre of Excellence from scratch. With Robotic Process Automation currently a multibillion-dollar market and set to grow, enterprises who want to improve employee experience, elevate customer outcomes and create a measurable impact on the bottom line need to look at how they are integrating automation into their operational strategies.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has had a significant adoption curve and is now integrated into everyday life. As the democratization of AI and deep learning applications expand, adoption has become possible not just for the tech giants but for small and medium-sized businesses. The demand for AI professionals has ballooned, as well as the C-suite’s demand for the integration of AI into business applications.

Cognitive/Intelligent Automation

Cognitive or intelligent Automation is bridging the gap between Business Process Automation and other AI applications like Google Cloud AI and IBM Watson. RPA bots learn from humans how to handle unstructured and unclear data so processes can be automated from end-to-end. Cognitive Automation also has the ability to dig into Dark Data, to organise it and process it. Intelligent Automation is the next frontier of RPA. The Evolve Team has been instrumental in the growth of several of these solutions including IQ Bot.

Transformation and Change

Transformation and Change is a natural part of evolution, if you’re not growing and have one eye on the horizon your competition will eclipse you. Having supported a multitude of transformation and change programmes the Evolve team are well placed to source, advise and help businesses transform to keep up with customer and technology demands. Maintaining a competitive advantage through technology and exceeding customers’ expectations is key to success.

Industrial IoT

The Evolve Team has been critical to the growth of a number of Industrial IoT businesses whose solutions give real-time data monitoring, with predictive maintenance and analytics capabilities. These technology solutions have widespread uses across multiple domains, from military to utilities, manufacturing and automotive industries. These businesses truly are the real-world examples of connected technology, working and providing a demonstrable ROI to Industry.

AI and Machine Learning

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